Monday, December 21, 2009

IRGC Range Rules

Safety Rules
  1. No one is permitted forward of the firing line until all guns are unloaded, with actions open and laying safely on the shooting bench.
  2. Handling of guns behind the firing line is not allowed when shooters are at the firing line or down range.
  3. Keep all firearms pointed down range at all times.
  4. Always make sure no one is down range before handling firearms on the firing line.
  5. Eye and ear protection "MUST" be worn by shooters and spectators at all times.
The following handgun calibers are allowed at the Iowa River Gun Club range. The only acceptable rifle caliber is 22LR. Absolutely NO Hi-Power rifles or Shotguns! If you have questions please contact one of the officers for clarification

  1. Metal piercing ammunition is absolutely forbidden.
  2. Use targets made of paper only and such targets must be kept within the target frames at all times. No tin cans, glass of any kind etc. are acceptable targets.
  3. Clean up the range of used targets, spent brass, etc. after each use. Smoking is not permitted on gun club premises. Take pride in keeping the range clean for the next users.
  4. When more than one person is using the range for practice, cooperation and courtesy will prevent problems when changing targets, or performing other activities.
  5. When leaving the range, turn off the furnace, fans and all lights. Check down range to sure "all" lights are off. Close the door tightly being sure it locks.
  6. Vandalism or unsafe practices will absolutely not be tolerated and will result in immediate expulsion from the club!
  7. The range is available to the members for practice at all reasonable hours. Exceptions would be when the club has other scheduled activities. Please see the calendar of scheduled events on this site. You may also check the range bulletin board for a calendar of events.

Violations of range rules should be reported to the executive committee immediately. Disciplinary action may be taken by majority of said committee.

The range belongs to all members and it is the responsibility of all users to practice safe shooting at all times. Courtesy to other shooters is expected. Please take Pride in Your range and help keep it clean at all times. Tools are provided to keep the range picked up so please make an effort to pick up papers and sweep the floor after each use.



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