Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Criteria & IRGC Member Classifications

Number of 50 foot competitive scores needed at each level to advance to the next higher level.

Shots per Target101010101010101010101010101010
Slowfire Targets***6666333333333510
Target Score40444852606264666870727680--
Timed Fire Targets***----333333333510
Target Score----404652586470768090--
Rapid Fire Targets***--------333335*10
Target Score--------4050607080275*285*

* Aggregate score for each 3 stage course. Each course to be fired completely (slow, timed, rapid) before next course is started. Each 3 stage course must meet this score requirement. Qualifying courses need not be fired in succession.

*** Slow Fire - 10 shots in 10 minutes. Timed Fire - Two five shot strings each fired in 20 seconds. Rapid Fire - Two five shot strings each fired in 10 seconds.

Lifetime Master

Virgil Dye
Roy Watson

Distinguished Expert Indoor
(10 - 285's National Match Course)

Mark Alexander
Keith Buesing
Rich Collins
Steve Gile
Gene Hedberg
Les Hostetter
Pete Mink
Denny Metge
Bob Mongan
John Pollard
Phil Ray
Wayne Tietje
Larry Vriezelaar
Roy Watson

Distinguished Expert Outdoor
(10 - 275's National Match Course)

Mark Alexander
Mike Anderson
Keith Buesing
Steve Gile
Tab Hill
Les Hostetter
Max Jay
John Pollard
Phil Ray
Roy Watson

5 - 275's National Match Course

Bill Peters
Tab Hill
Mike Anderson
Ken Severson
Chuck Hughes
John Heggen
Terry McGahuey
Mark Herzog
Chad Gile
David McCurry
Ted Smith Sr.
Kevin Beye
Ray Hurlbutt
Richard Mumm
Roger Kendall
Frank Kolbe
Jack Kessler
Jerry Flathers
Ron Sells
Jeff Dall
Chad Kendall
Owen Kerr