Thursday, January 7, 2010

NRA Marksmanship Classifications

A competitor will be officially classified by the NRA when the total score for minimum of 360 shots has been reported for either indoor or outdoor. However classification averages will be computed only after the total score for a tournament or league has been posted and, therefore, the average may be based on a greater number of shots, but will not be based upon a lesser number. Total scores so reported to the NRA will be posted to the Classification Record for the competitor concerned. When the scores for the stated minimum of 360 shots (or more if this minimum is reached during the scores of any tournament or league) have been so posted, the average score per 10 shot string will be computed. The competitor will be sent an Official NRA Classification Card based on the average so computed and according to the table in Rule 19.15, which classification will become effective the date shown on the card issued by NRA.

ClassificationPercentage30 shots60 shots90 shots180 shots270 shots
High Master97+291+582+873+1746+2619+
MarksmanUnder 8525450976415302294